Most people use shampoo and a lot wash their hair at least once a day. Have you ever considered what chemicals are making up the shampoo that you are pouring into your hands and then rubbing all over your scalp and hair? 

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What is really in your shampoo?


Toxic chemicals are put into our shampoo for a number of reasons; to thicken the shampoo, lengthen the shelf life or make it smell nice but all of these come at a cost.





Here is a list of 7 Chemicals you want to check are NOT in your shampoo:


SLS and SLES (see in Glossary)

A skin and eye irritant. According to Epoch Inspired these surfactants will remove the natural occurring oils from your hair, break down the hair’s protein, and prevent healthy hair growth.


Formaldehyde (see in Glossary)

Another dangerous preservative is formaldehyde. Excessive exposure to the chemical can produce hair loss. It is listed as a human carcinogen by the National Toxicology Program because it causes cancer of the throat, nose, and blood.


Parabens (See in Glossary)

A preservative that is also used to prevent bacterial growth in the shampoo. Can cause different reactions for different people but common skin problems associated with parabens include dermatitis, rosacea and other allergic reactions.


Fragrances (See in Glossary)

Used to make the shampoo smell nice they can actually cause an allergic reaction to a lot of people. Dr Mercola says that other side effects can be hormone disruption, reproductive problems, and even cancer.


Polyethylene Glycol

Another chemical that can irritate skin and cause eczema.


Cocamide DEA

Anne Marie, founder of reports that not only does Cocamide DEA dry out the skin but has been implicated in much more serious and long-term health risks. “Cocamide DEA can combine with preservatives to form very dangerous chemicals called nitrosamines. One such chemical is called NDELA, a compound that has been shown to cause cancer in rats.”



Can lead to hair loss, extremely dry and itchy scalp and cancer.

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