Fit At Fifty. Living Clean NowCarolyn Broomfield is a Gold Coast based nutrition coach, weight loss consultant and personal trainer who turned her life around in her 50s after losing over 30 kilograms!


Depressed, obese and ready for a change, Carolyn made the decision to overhaul her lifestyle at the age of 52.
Her journey towards health and happiness began with exercise and Carolyn embraced her lifestyle so much that she decided to dedicate her life to helping other women make the same positive change. Carolyn went on to study to become a qualified personal trainer, weight-loss consultant and nutritional food coach. She finished her studies and set on her new career path at the ripe age of 55.


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Carolyn is now nearing 60 and still maintains a very healthy size 14. She is the owner of “New Horizons Fitness”, her boutique private fitness studio in Highland Park which caters to every woman, no matter their age, shape or size.


A few of her recent success stories include helping a mother and daughter team lose 25kg each; helping women recuperating from cancer as well as helping older women feel young and healthy again. Carolyn also loves helping menopausal women take control of their health and happiness by maintaining their fitness at a time when their weight and hormones can be difficult to manage.


As an advocate for the importance of maintaining personal fitness, here are Carolyn Broomfield’s top tips on being Fit and Fab at Fifty!
In my younger years, I was a sprinter and competitive hockey player and all round, incredibly active! As I got older, life seemed to get in the way and my activeness began its decline. And so did my energy levels. In my early thirties, my energy and desire to exercise were well and truly diminishing.


My active and youthful lifestyle was substituted for an unhealthy and out of shape body. Alcohol, sleeping pills, depression, laziness and isolation took over.

My big A-HA moment came to me during a pre-menopausal epiphany. I suddenly realised the only thing holding me back was myself! I decided to put an end to it and work towards my new destination of happiness!

I changed my eating and drinking habits, started exercising and lost over 30kg! I loved the new me and I wanted to inspire other women, just like myself, to start their new life journey towards the best version of themself.

Changing your life is a challenge and this is why I created New Horizons Fitness- to help women get through the difficult times and find their passion for a positive life change.

Knowledge and accountability is power so you’re less likely to throw in the towel if you have dedicated support and guidance of another woman (especially a feisty one like me!)

Fit At Fifty. Living Clean Now


Here Are My Top 10 Tips To Be Fab and Fit at Fifty!

Be organised: Plan, Plan, Plan! I plan my meals three weeks in advance for me and my family- including snacks. Put your food plan on the kitchen fridge or somewhere everyone will see and rotate it weekly. By being organised like this, you are less likely to stray from a healthy menu. Create your shopping list and only buy what you need for each meal.

Don’t skip breakfast: Even if you don’t feel too hungry when you first wake up, make sure you eat something before leaving for work for the day. This will kick start your metabolism and stop you bingeing at morning tea time.

Rest: Your body needs it! Listen to your body and rest when you need to and schedule in planned days off exercise.

Tell your friends: Your friends can hold you accountable by supporting and giving you motivation

Eat wholesome: Choose foods that offer sustenance and are unprocessed. Food is fuel so why give your body anything less than the best possible vitamins and nutrients?

Keep a diary: Write down your food and exercise each day. Be honest so you can monitor your improvements over time.

Get the family involved: It will be beneficial to everyone to eat healthily and will ensure you stay committed to your new lifestyle.

Lift weights: Don’t be scared! Start small and build your way up. Lean muscle speeds up your metabolism.

Have fun: Do things you enjoy. Try exercising that you used to love or you think would be fun to try. Getting fit doesn’t have to mean going running or doing burpees. Join a dance class, join a sports team- whatever is going to make you happy!

Ready to get out there and work towards the best version of you? Get in touch with my at one of my avenues below or purchase one of my e-books to get started. Whatever you do, I hope you start to feel fit and fabulous soon!

Do you have any tips for staying fit at 50 and beyond? Share below!


Fit At Fifty. Living Clean Now

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