Harmful Chemicals

what is in vitamins

Vitamin supplement doing more harm than good?

Taking a daily vitamin supplement is as popular as ever now so how come the rate of chronic disease continues to climb? Could these vitamins be contributing to the state of declining health? There are 3 main reason why manufacturers add unnecessary substances (fillers) to their vitamins: Easier and faster production. To make the vitamins […] Read more…

What is really in your shampoo?

What is really in your Shampoo?

Most people use shampoo and a lot wash their hair at least once a day. Have you ever considered what chemicals are making up the shampoo that you are pouring into your hands and then rubbing all over your scalp and hair?  If you like this post check out: 5 Non Toxic Shampoos You Can […] Read more…

what are free radicals

What are Free Radicals?

We have all heard of Free Radicals and we are all probably aware that they are not good; but who actually knows what they are and why are they bad? “An atom or group of atoms that has at least one unpaired electron and is therefore unstable and highly reactive. In animal tissues, free radicals can […] Read more…

What are harmful Chemicals?

What are Harmful Chemicals?

    We all use chemicals every day – water is a chemical, our bodies are partly made up from chemicals – but it is about knowing which chemicals are safe and which aren’t. Harmful chemicals are hard to avoid as they can be found in our personal care (shampoo/moisturizer/skincare), our household products (cleaning products, […] Read more…

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