Do you ever really ever think about what the ingredients are in your shampoo, mouthwash or vitamins? I never used to either until I had children. It’s not that I didn’t care, I just didn’t really think about it! No big manufacturers are going to put something in a product that could be harmful and then sell it to me are they??


My name is Rebecca Timmins but my friends call me the ‘Clean Guru’ of the wellbeing world. My goal is that with my help and knowledge, you will have the confidence to shift your mindset and embrace a more natural, sustainable clean life!

Originally from the UK, I moved to Australia in 2004 after meeting my Aussie Husband in Portugal. I now live in Sydney with our two boys (who also double as monkeys) and a teenage stepson so really know how hectic life can be. I am a stay at home Mum, filling in my spare time by blogging and avoiding housework!


Having earned a National Diploma in Art and Design, I am passionate about keeping the natural landscape of our environment and our bodies as clean as possible.  We are the designers of our own destiny and it is up to us to make the healthiest choices for ourselves and our families.

As a child and throughout my teens I didn’t worry too much about the food I was eating or the products I was putting on my skin. It wasn’t until I found out that I was becoming a Mother that I started to consider the effects of what I was eating and using.

Soon after my youngest child entered the world so too was Living Clean Now born. Like all mothers, I wanted the best for my children. I can remember stocking up baby lotions and potions when I started looking at the ingredients listed on the back of the products. What a load of Mummble Jummble – how was I meant to know if an ingredient was safe or not when it is unpronounceable with 20 letters to it’s name!

That’s when I realized if I want to be confident I am only using safe and harmless products, I am going to have to do some research.

I used motherhood as a springboard into cleaning up my own choices. Nowadays, I help others to realise that ‘living clean’ is possible, empowering and FUN!

Living Clean Now has been put together to help and encourage others to take action in their own lives. I help you to learn what might be in the products you are using or consuming and what implications these ingredients can have on you and your family.  It’s frightening what manufacturers can legally put into our products without having to tell us!

When I first started searching for natural alternatives I felt like I was limited to bland, boring and scentless products. However, along my journey I have discovered some amazing companies – big and small – who are 100% devoted to creating beautiful natural products.

New Thinking… New Ways

The reality is that common commercial products are slowly killing us and our environment. Sounds dramatic, I know. But the infuriating fact is that chemicals are unnecessary additions that serve little purpose other than damaging our health and the environment. We don’t need to cut corners with chemicals when there are so many natural alternatives that perform just as well, if not better than commercial products.

Being able to share these discoveries knowing that I am helping to improve the lives of others is pretty awesome.


What can you do to help protect yourself and your family?

So, whether you are just starting to consider living a cleaner life for you and your family or you are a seasoned soda and vinegar girl, this is the place for you.Living Clean Now

To get you started I have put together a “Cutting the Chemicals Toolkit” – grab your copy now to start you on your road to a more natural you.

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